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Single Lesson
Single Lesson
Flexible Scheduling
$60/Hour for Extended Sessions
1 Month
$200 @ $50/hour
4 Lessons Included
Weekly Scheduling
$50/Hour for Extended Sessions
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2 Months
$400 @ $40/hour
10 Lessons Included
8 Weekly + 2 Extra Lessons
$40/Hour for Extended Sessions
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Available Topics:

Discover Your Mobile Device
Learn the basics of your iOS, Kindle, or Android device and how built-in apps can make everyday things you do more easy.


Personalize Your Device
Learn how to change the general appearance of your computer or mobile device so it represents your style and interests.


Email Basics
Create and add multiple email accounts to your devices. Reach your friends and family anywhere.


Home Entertainment
Access and stream your movies and music to any device in your home, seamlessly.

Facebook and Google Plus
Create and edit your own personal wall with Facebook or Google and learn the ropes of social networking.


Google Docs
Understand how to utilize Google’s free word processing, spreadsheet, and keynote applications to optimize your workflow.


Learn to create dynamic spreadsheets — complete with tables, charts, and graphics.

Music Library and iTunes
Consolidate you music in an easy and accessible location. Never miss a beat.